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| Last Updated:19/01/2017


Upcoming Event

18th November 2016 Bhubaneswar- WILDLIFE AFFAIRS 2016

 'WILDLIFE AFFAIRS 2016', which happens to be Wild Orissa's flagship conservation awareness program, will be organized at Bhubaneswar on the 18th November 2016 at BhubaneswarThis year viz. 2016 this program has focussed on 3 (three) distinct ecosystems of the state viz. Rivers, Hills & Plateaus & Coasts. We had the first of the three editions along the River Mahandi during the second fortnight October 2016. The second edition was, on the coasts, at Basudevpur (Bhadrak) on the 9th November 2016. The third is slated during first week of December in the Mal forests.

The Bhubaneswar event will see quite a bit of activities. We will hold interactions with volunteers on waterbirds count in the state of Odisha, both past as well as likely persons for the 2017 edition. Odisha's immediate past Asian Waterbirds Census State Coordinator Dr. U.N.Dev will be felicitated and certificates will be distributed to volunteers who participated during the 2016 AWC in Odisha. This program will highlight Wild Orissa's initiatives on the AWC & Indian Bird Conservation Network forums. 

A book on tourism in tiger reserves in India, 'Tiger Dekha Kya? Tiger and/or Tourists' [a Wild Orissa publication] and another, Chakrabaka, on the Ruddy Shelduck Tadorna ferruginea [in Odia language] by Dr. U.N.Dev are proposed to be released.
The Indian Ocean Coastal Count 2017 for Odisha will be launched/showcased.
Please make it convenient to attend.
Date: 18th November 2016 [Friday]
Venue: Kalinga Buddha Vihar, Mahabodhi S
ociety, Unit IX, Bhubaneswar