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| Last Updated:11/02/2016


Upcoming Event

Doon Valley Spring Bird Festival

The 3rd Uttarakhand Spring Bird Festival will be held at the Asan Conservation Reserve in Dehradun District with Forest Research Institute, Rajpur and Thano being supplementary sites for birdwatching and heritage trails. 

Asan Conservation Reserve, in Dehradun district, is India’s first conservation reserve, established in 2005. Covering an area of 4.44 sq. km., this wetland is at the confluence of the Asan and Yamuna rivers. It is known for its terrific avifaunal diversity. The supplementary sites of Forest Research Institute, Rajpur and Thano are known local hot spots of bird diversity. 

The festival activities will be conducted at the Rampur Mandi, Asan Conservation Reserve and the Forest Research Institute. The guided bird-watching and heritage trails will be conducted at Asan, Forest Research Institute, Rajpur and Thano

The Asan Conservation Reserve is home at least 315 bird species, while the Doon Valley bird list could exceed 450 species. 

Come, prepare yourself for a few days of fun and frolic at the Doon Valley Spring Bird Festival from 11-14 February 2016!