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| Last Updated:21/12/2015


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Common Bird Monitoring CBM is a citizen science Programme, objectives of the project is to involve more and more people to observe birds which in their backyard or where they are regular visiting, there are several initiatives when people are report their sighting.  What is important that such an exercise must necessary based on a scientific method, to enable us to get authentic data which could be useful for analysis. Basically we use a method which is Line Transect method, basing on which bird species are noted down.


Why do we count Common Birds?

            Due to urbanization, industrialization, increasing use of automobiles, etc. bird species inhabiting these areas, are now facing serious issues. We have an unfortunate case of House Sparrows disappearing from most of their known habitats. Monitoring some such bird species gives a fair idea as to what extent we have altered this balance due to which the number of such species are being impacted. . Knowing to what extent bird populations are increasing or decreasing is fundamental to bird conservation. Monitoring birds has the added advantage that they act as indicators to the health of the countryside. CBM is a key component of BirdLife International’s monitoring strategy.


The main aims of CBM

1.       To provide information on year-to-year and longer-term changes in population levels for a wide range of birds across a variety of habitats throughout India

2.       To promote a greater understanding of the population biology of birds and in particular to focus on factors responsible for declines.

3.       To promote bird conservation through the involvement of large numbers of volunteer observers in survey work in India.

Keeping this in mind Bombay Natural History Society and Indian Bird Conservation Network with Wild Orissa are organizing workshops on Common Bird Monitoring program at various places in Odisha. The Mangalajodi workshop is being scheduled on the 26th December 2015 at Bird Interpretation Centre Bihang Bhavan Mangalajodi at 1000 hrs. Mr. Nandakishor Dudhe from IBCN Secretariat Mumbai will apprise the gathering on CBM. Shri Bikash Ranjan Das DFO Chilka Wildlife Division, Shri Nanda Kishore Bhujabal Nodal Person Mangalajodi IBA & Vice Chairman Wild Orissa and IBCN State Coordinator for Odisha Ms. Monalisa Bhujabal have kindly consented to be present. The participants will be taken on field visit at 1500 hrs on 26th December 2015 to Mangalajodi wetlands. 


Kindly make it convenient to attend.




Wild Orissa Tangi (Khurda) Regional Chapter