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| Last Updated:27/10/2015


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Common Bird Monitoring Program

Common Bird Monitoring is a citizen science Programme, objectives of the project is to involve more and more people to observe the birds which  in their backyard or where they are regular visiting, there are several initiatives where people are reporting their sighting.  This work has to bthrough scientific method, so that we get more authentic data which is useful to analysis and reached out some result. To observe the birds basically we use a method which is Line Transect method. This is easy and with the help of them to note down the species.

Why we count the Common Birds?

 Due to Urbanization, Industrialization, Increasing the Automobile use, those species which are living in that area, now they are in trouble. For example House Sparrow disappears from city. Mostly in Urban area due to Matchbox construction, some developmental activity disturbs the bird’s species which is living in that area. So that to know current status of birds, what problem they are face it must necessary to monitor these species.

 The main aims of CBM

1.       To provide information on year-to-year and longer-term changes in population levels for a wide range of birds across a variety of habitats throughout India. Knowing to what extent bird populations are increasing or decreasing is fundamental to bird conservation. Monitoring birds has the added advantage that they act as indicators to the health of the countryside.

2.       To promote a greater understanding of the population biology of birds and in particular to focus on factors responsible for declines. CBM is a key component of BirdLife’s monitoring strategy.

3.       To promote bird conservation through the involvement of large numbers of volunteer observers in survey work in India.


     For survey (monitoring) eight to ten birdwatchers are needed.  Data sheet and Instructions about how to conduct the survey are attached. It will be useful during field visit.


Grids are plotted on the Map of India. It would be great to meet all the birdwatchers who are interested. We can organize a meeting and assign the work. 

Please communicate directly with  Nandkishor Dudhe, Research Assistant, IBA Program, BNHS.

Email id:-, Mobile no. 07620193207, 08087738422


If you are interested to participate in Common Bird Monitoring Programme then provide the following details.


  1) Date of meeting

  2)  Date of survey

  3)  Number of birdwatchers


Note: If you find any difficulty in downloading the pdfattached, kindly write us back. We will email you the same