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| Last Updated:18/05/2015


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Basic Course in Ornithology 100 (Online) 2015 - 2016


The Basic Course in Ornithology (BCO 100) is a revised online version of the previous correspondence course- Distance Learning in Basic Ornithology. It is a hybrid course with online (asynchronous) and face to face (synchronous) activities interwoven through the course work. The course content is developed by subject matter experts (SMEs). The synchronous activities include online chat sessions with SMEs and field trips. The asynchronous activities include online learning through range of weekly assignments.


On successful completion students will receive a certificate in BCO 100 with appropriate grades. Also as the name suggests, the course will develop basic skills required for Ornithologist among the students. The students will gain required knowledge through the chapters, online discussions and field activities. They will get opportunities to interact with SMEs and learn about their works. As an outcome of the course, each student will carry out documentation of local bird fauna which may results into a compilation of scientific publication. Lastly as a group, the students will develop expertise in bird studies which will be useful in taking up bigger challenges for studying birds with respect to their life history, behavior, ecology and also contribute to the ongoing Ornithological researches carried across the country.