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| Last Updated:03/06/2024

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World Migratory Bird Day, 14th October 2023

World Migratory Bird Day addresses a range of challenges faced by long-distance migratory birds each year, including light pollution, plastic pollution, illegal trade, deforestation, energy infrastructure, landscape changes and climate change. In 2023, the theme is "Water: Sustaining Bird Life", highlighting the vital role of water for many of these birds, especially those that congregate in wetlands.
Most of the migratory birds depend on water sources like lakes, rivers, inland and coastal wetlands, streams, and ponds throughout their life cycle. However, these resources face threats from climate change, pollution and growing human water use. To protect these birds, we must preserve and restore wetlands, regulate water quality, and implement sustainable water management practices.
World Migratory Bird Day aims to initiate discussions and enact local and national regulations to reduce the pressures faced by migratory birds.
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