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| Last Updated:: 17/06/2020

COVID-19 Article


COVID-19 Article


On the occasion of WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY - 5th June 2020, ENVIS Resource Partner on Avian Ecology at Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS-ENVIS) is releasing an article on the current worldwide pandemic situation caused by the spread of COVID-19.


In December 2019, this mysterious disease was first diagnosed in China, which has now taken the whole world in its grasp within a span of only 05 months. Lakhs of people have died with millions being infected.


This article delves deeper into the functioning and the causative agent of COVID-19, its continued prevalence among our population and the methods of prevention or cure for the same.


It will further describe the readers, how in today’s date, when the world has made tremendous advancements in the field of medical science and biotechnology, a tiny organism which is invisible to the naked eye, has managed to create a total lockdown within the countries and in our life.