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| Last Updated: 05/09/2018

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One day Workshop On Common Bird Monitoring Programme (CBMP) at Washim

Organised by Bombay Natural History Society and  Watsagulma Biodiversity Conservation Society, Washim


We are always discussing Urbanization, Industrialization, Increasing the Automobile use are threats to avifauna.  But we did not find out which reason behind decline and rise of bird species around us and therefore we are not able to find the solution of these problems. This is because of lack of vital data regarding this avifauna. Decreasing the number of House Sparrow from the city is one example. There are many species have to face the same problem. So that to know the current status of birds, what problem they are facing it must necessary to monitor these species. Common Bird Monitoring Programme will helpful for to gather this information.


Date of Workshop: - 11th  March 2017

Time: - 10 am to 4 pm

Venue:-Mantri Park, Washim, Maharashtra


For registration:- 

Mr. Shivaji Bali :- 7588884723

Mr. Purushottam Ingle:- 8983793774

Mr. Milind Sawdekar :- 9545824989