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| Last Updated::01/09/2021

Major Activity


Expert Webinars


Expert Webinars


 "Online Webinar on Conservation of Vulture at Nashik District of Maharashtra"


ENVIS Resource Partner on Avian Ecology at the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS-ENVIS) had organized an online webinar for amateur birdwatchers.


Speaker : Ms. Pratiksha Kothule



 "Online Webinar On Bird-Plant Interaction"


ENVIS Resource Partner on Avian Ecology at the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS-ENVIS) had organized an online webinar for amateur birdwatchers.


Speaker : Dr Mandar Datar


 "How can we know what animals know and why do we care"


In the talk, the speaker would offer two side perspectives on how we use technology to understand different aspects of animal behaviour and the need for carrying out such studies. His examples will include large scale studies on the topic of migration, collective behaviour and animal societies. The speaker would also link some of the research questions in the context of Indian wildlife. Towards the end, he would also discuss new and fresh ideas which could help us all contribute towards studying and protecting our beloved wildlife of India.


Speaker: Hemal Naik (PhD Candidate at the Department of Collection Behaviour, Max Planck Institute of Animal Behaviour, Konstanz, Germany)




"Understanding Biodiversity Act and PBR"


PBR is a document which contains comprehensive information on availability and knowledge of local biological resources, their medicinal or any other use or any other traditional knowledge associated with them. This webinar will guide the audience towards a better understanding of People’s Biodiversity Register and the Biodiversity Act.


Speaker: Dr Rahul Mungikar (Assistant Director, BNHS)



"Status of Finn's Weaver in India: Past and Present"


Out of the four species of weaver birds found in India, the Finn's Weaver is the most elusive and a threatened bird of India. Dr Bhargava shares his 21 years of journey with his favorite bird - Finn's Weaver.


Speaker: Dr Rajat Bhargava, Ornithologist, BNHS



"Introduction to Herps of North East India"


This webinar will take you on an information based ride upon herpetofauna, it’s taxonomy gelled with their conservation status, prevailing in the North-eastern parts of our country. The participants will be introduced under an expert guidance to the beautiful and mystical creatures of this family.


Speaker: Dr Jayaditya Purkayastha (Member of IUCN Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group)



"Nature Journaling and Writing"


Observing Nature everyday can change your life. Learn Nature journaling and get tips on writing about Nature.


Speaker: Ms Neha Sinha, BNHS



"Breeding Behavior of Indian Grey Hornbill"


The Indian Grey Hornbill is found throughout India, including in most metro cities. Hornbills have interesting breeding behaviour among birds as the female seals herself in nest cavity. The webinar will discuss breeding behaviour of the Indian Grey Hornbill alongwith how the hornbills manage nest sanitation.


Speaker: Dr. Raju Kasambe (Ornithologist, BNHS)



"Climate Change - It's Impact on Biodiversity" and "Ethics of Bird Watching"


The webinar introduces the students about basic mechanism of human induced climate change and its effect on biodiversity. Also the webinar will give the students an insight on ethics to be followed during bird-watching.


Speaker: Dr Himadri Mondal (Scientist A, BNHS) & Mr. Atharva Singh (Ph.D. Scholar, BNHS).