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| Last Updated::27/09/2019

Major Activity


World Ozone day, 2019


International Ozone day celebration, 2019
Organised by
Environmental Information System (ENVIS) of Bombay Natural History
Society (BNHS) Mumbai.

“32 years and healing” is the theme for the International Ozone Day 2019. This year marked the remarkable journey of over three decades paved by the international cooperation to protect the ozone layer and the climate under the Montreal Protocol.

The Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer was signed in the year 1987. Later in October 2016, the Kigali Amendment was declared which came into force from 1st January 2019. This amendment aims to cut-down the production and consumption of Hydrofluorocarbons (HCFs). HCFs are the most common type of organofluorine compounds which contribute to global warming. The above resolutions have resulted in the recovery of parts of the ozone layer at a rate of 1-3% per decade since 2000, as shown by the Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion completed in 2018.

ENVIS RP on Avian Ecology, BNHS, celebrated International Ozone Day on 16/09/2019 at Mrs. Bhavnadevi Bhagwan Sambre International CBSE School and Special Science Jr. College Zadpoli, Palghar. This event was conducted by Mr. Nandkishor Dudhe (Programme Officer, ENVIS-BNHS), Ms. Sushmita Karmakar (Information Officer, ENVIS-BNHS), Mr. Omkar Kakade (IT Officer, ENVIS-BNHS) and Mr. Viraj Athalye (Data Entry Operator, ENVIS-BNHS). The school’s Director, Mr. Shivam Bhatt along with the Principal Mr. Rajendra Shinde had applauded the ENVIS team’s contribution towards spreading awareness regarding the Ozone layer protection and curtailing the
usage of Single use Plastic.


The event commenced with the lighting of the lamp followed by words of wisdom and guidance from the school Director. Later on, a presentation was given by Mr. Nandkishor Dudhe. The presentation highlighted the importance of the International Ozone Day and had educated the audience regarding the harmful effects of single use plastics. Around 150 children had attended this event along with the school staff. The students hailing from standard 11th and 12th had actively participated and had put forth their queries and curiosities. They had acknowledged the degradation of environment surrounding them and had resolved to protect it.

Overall, this event had managed to make aware the students and staffs regarding the protective measures required to save our environment.



Students attending the presentation on Protection of the Ozone layer



The ENVIS Team with the School Director, Principal, staff and the students