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Printed Date: Friday, July 1, 2022

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ENVIS Resource Partner on the Avian Ecology at the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS-ENVIS) has developed an android application for effective data collection on birds. The application allows the researchers to add their observations and automatically generates the date/time and GPS coordinates offline.
Researchers have been using printed datasheet for data collection and manually entering the observations. It becomes hectic to combine data from multiple observations. To address this issue, scientists from the Bustard project joined hands with BNHS-ENVIS centre and decided to build a time efficient mobile application.
The application converts the required inputs into a form where observers can easily add their observations using their mobile phone. The application automatically captures the date/time & the GPS coordinates at the time of entry offline. This method will bring accuracy in the data collection. Some predefined datasets for each field are also pre-set to bring consistency in the data from all the observations. After submitting the form, data will automatically be saved in the form of an excel sheet that will make data consolidation task easier. 
How To Use
1) Observers have to allow the storage permission to the app for storing their observations
2) Observer will see the three forms Point Count, Behavioural Data & Line Transect
3) Once the observers open one of the forms, they have to allow the Location Permissions to captured GPS coordinates for the data accuracy.
4) After filling all the details; click next. 
5) Observer will get a popup saying “Whether you want to continue adding data?” if clicked on YES then,  more observations can be added for that form and if clicked on No then the existing observations are converted into an excel sheet.
6) Observers can find your observation’s excel sheet in their Storage/Documents/Data Collection folder.
7) If you have any query, please contact us at envis@bnhs.org.