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| Last Updated:02/02/2021

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Ozone Day Report 2020

 Ozone Day Report 2020-21


 ENVIS RP on Avian Ecology-BNHS, celebrated International Ozone Day on September 16, 2020 by organizing an essay and poster making competition for the school children all over India. Around 36 responses were received. The competition was categorized into groups, Group A for Class 5-7 and Group B for Class 8-10. Each entry is an excellent combination of creativity and information which has made the selection of the winning entries quite challenging. The essays are quite informative and have portrayed the awareness of the students upon the topic. The following posters have been selected as the winners, followed by the table indicating the name of the essay competition winners:


‘Ozone For Life - 35 Years of Ozone Layer Protection’ is the theme for the International Ozone Day 2020. This year marked the remarkable journey of over three decades paved by the international cooperation to protect the ozone layer and the climate under the Montreal Protocol.



1) Drawing Competition Group - A







2)Drawing Competition Group - B

























Essay Competition Result





Position Group A- First Group A- Second Group B- First Group B- Second
Name Atmaja Avirupa Das Atharv Anand Singh Rawat Abhinav Jain Malita Milind Dabre
Standard 7 7 10 9
State West Bengal Maharashtra Uttar Pradesh Maharashtra

Overall, this event has managed to capture the essence of the mindful perceptions of the students regarding the subject by providing them a platform to showcase their brilliant thoughts and solutions. The winners were announced on the BNHS-ENVIS website








Topic Importance of Ozone layer on Earth Ozone layer depletion and its effects
Groups Group A: Class 5–7 Group A: Class 5–7
Group B: Class 8–10 Group B: Class 8–10




This competition is open to Indian citizens only. A participant may take part in any one            event. Entry should be done from one email ID only. 


Essay may be written in Hindi/English/Marathi. It should not exceed 1000 words. 


The poster should be made on an A4 size paper only.  Any colouring medium is                      allowed.


Digital editing of poster is not permitted. 


Send a good resolution scanned copy of the Essay (in PDF format) or Poster (in                      PDF/JPEG format).


Winners may be asked to submit the original poster/essay and proof of date of birth or            school ID card, if required.


Entries with unclear or low resolution images and incomplete information regarding the          participant will be rejected.


Participants should submit their entry (Poster/Essay) by filling the google form only.                Google link given below.


       Link: -



Note: - The result will be declared on the website Three best essays and posters from each group will feature on the website.  Prize and Certificate distribution details will be emailed to the winners.


Last date and time of submission: 23 September 2020 (Wednesday); 5.30 p.m. 


For further queries, please contact