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| Last Updated:20/08/2018

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Rare Kashmir avian’s lucky tryst with Tricity residents

 A rare avian migrant from Kashmir, Water rail, seems to have fallen into a succession of blessed human hands.


The bird had suffered acute trauma and a head injury but was found and rescued by a family in Sector 48C, Chandigarh.The bird was handed over to a concerned citizen and wildlife conservationist, who took the bird to Chhatbir Zoo’s veterinary facility where, much to everyone’s relief, it has staged a remarkable recovery and was released into the aviary on Friday.“The Water rail has been treated and was declared fit.

We released the bird into the upcoming ‘walk-in’ aviary for wetland birds on Friday where the zookeeper observed normal movements and searches for food.

The injury has healed and a mild scar remains,” Chhatbir Zoo’s chief veterinary officer Dr.

Ashish Kumar told TOI.The rail’s tryst with Tricity’s nature-loving citizens started on Tuesday morning when commercial artist Ravinderpal Singh Ghai was on his way to drop his daughter Goonjangeet to school.