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| Last Updated:02/04/2018

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‘Every teacher and student must play prominent role in conservation of birds’

 Ujjain : A pep talk on ‘Conservation of Birds’ was organised at Savyasachi Vidyapeeth by eminent scientist Sujit Narwade from BNHS (Bombay Natural and History society), Mumbai.

During his deliberation, Narwade explained the students the necessity of conservation of birds, importance of birds in the ecosystem, how to identify the birds and why there is decline in bird population. He also enlightened the students about ‘Extinct’, ‘Endangered’, ‘Vulnerable’ and ‘Threatened’ categories of birds with examples. In his presentation, more stress was laid on the conservation status and why in every year the number of birds in the ‘Threatened’ category is increasing.

Narwade said that the ‘Lesser Florican’ commonly known as ‘Kharmor’ and found in the Ujjain circle is in the verge of extinction. He even asked the students to visit the Sailana Wild Life Sanctuary to see the mesmerising activities of the beautiful bird. He also added that every teacher and student must play a prominent role in conservation. Adding to his discussion with the students, he said that there are four big wet lands in Ujjain and substantial number of winter migratory birds visit in these wet lands which the students must see by organising ‘Bird Watching Camps’. He also answered to the queries of the students regarding the Avian Fauna.

Earlier on the day, Narwade was welcomed by CEO of the school Pradeep Nafde. Vote of thanks was delivered by the principal Saikat Chanda. Anju Karpe, Rashmi Dixit, Rajni Suman, Abhishek Shukla, Sachin Thakur, Dilip Khoje, Ashutosh Rawal and Vilas Chavhan were also present during the pep talk. Secretary of the school Dr PN Tejankar appreciated Narwade for his effort to inculcate conservational activities among the students.