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| Last Updated:02/04/2018

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Weaving a delightful yarn


aya weaver, rarely sighted in Delhi anymore, has been spotted again

The monsoon this year has brought more than just respite for Delhiites, with bird watchers celebrating the spotting of birds, including the baya weaver ( Ploceus philippinus ), a weaver bird found across the Indian subcontinent.

Sightings of the bird had become rare in Delhi, but small flocks have been spotted near the scattered acacia trees adjoining the Najafgarh drain for breeding this year.

Ecologist and environmentalist T. K. Roy said: “The baya weaver is a social and gregarious bird found in grasslands, cultivated areas and scrubs near villages. Earlier, it used to be very common in Delhi. It’s known for swinging retort-shaped nests on trees, compactly woven by strips of paddy leaves or rough-edged grasses.”

Mr. Roy added that the bird started disappearing from Delhi due to rapid urbanisation and loss of habitat.


“The baya weaver still migrates in small flocks to acacia trees adjoining the Najafgarh drain for breeding in monsoon every year. Last month, the Bombay Natural History Society conducted a survey across the country to get the present population status of the bird. There was no report of the baya weaver being spott


Also visiting the Capital this season are the rosy-white greater flamingos ( Phoenicopterus roseus ), which have been spotted at the Najafgarh lake and marshland, the seemingly favourite birding hotspot in Delhi.