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| Last Updated:02/04/2018

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Where's Kolleru? Even Birds Can't Spot It Now


The birds manage to find a tiny water pool in the bed and gather around it to quench their thirst.

VIJAYAWADA:  Birds that migrate to Kolleru, one of the largest freshwater lakes in India, straddling the border between Krishna and West Godavari districts in Andhra Pradesh, are finding it increasingly difficult to locate a decent pool of water this summer to land in the vast dried up lake.

Atapaka Bird Sanctuary on Kolleru lake, the spot that draws a wide variety of birds, now largely resembles a desert, with a few birds seen gathering at the little pools of water left. The scattered pools on the dried up bed are proving insufficient for the birds, since they lack fish.

The entire fish in the lake perished, as  the water body dried up under scorching summer heat.

While many birds have already left for greener pastures, an optimistic lot is still clinging on to the dried up branches of the trees around in the hope of finding some water and fish in some corner of the huge lake.

Meanwhile, the boats belonging to the AP Tourism Corporation lie grounded.