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| Last Updated: 08/06/2021

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Photography Competition Result






The ENVIS Resource Partner on Avian Ecology at the Bombay Natural History Society, Mumbai celebrated the International Day of Forests on March 21, 2020 by organizing an online photography competition. The advertisement was posted on the BNHS-ENVIS website and other social media.The theme for this year was ‘Forests and Biodiversity’.


The photography competition was divided into four categories; waterbirds and associated species, birds in a forest habitat, bird–plant association, birds in a urban habitat. The participants sent their photographs through email as per the prescribed format. Around 88 participants from all over India participated in the competition and contributed 712 photographs. Among them, 12 best entries were selected for the given categories. Certificates and prizes will be sent to the winners through courier.


The winners:


1) Birds in Forest Habitat

2) Bird and Plant relation

3) Birds in Urban Habitat

4) Waterbird and associated species

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