ENVIS Centre, Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of India

Printed Date: Thursday, June 1, 2023

Environmental Day Special - Winner and Answers

 Environmental day special

Winner of the quiz

Miss. Swarangi M. Joshi, Thane

Std: 9

The Answers highlighted in the green color are the correct answers of the quiz questions

1) In which of the following does the male usually incubate the eggs during the day and the female incubated during the night

a)      Ostrich

b)      Pigeon

c)      Woodpecker


2) Which bird is known as the Indian Nightingale because of its pleasant call?

a)      Red-vented Bulbul

b)      Koel

c)      Hill Myna


3) How do Woodpeckers find insect grubs in timber?

a)      By listening to their chewing sound

b)      By examining the trail of chewed and excreted wood that they leave behind

c)      By their Smell


4) What does the kingfisher do with its prey?

a)      It beats it to death on a branch and swallows it head first

b)      It settles on a branch, tears off bite size pieces and swallows them

c)      It puts it into a “Larder”, a hole in a tree and eats it later


5) Which of these birds sometime uses strands of spider webs to build its nest?

a)      Weaver Bird

b)      Tailor bird

c)      Golden-fronted Leafbird