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| Last Updated:: 13/05/2014

Bird Quiz No. 3






Avian-terms: Guess a term for each of the following.

  1. A large accumulation of birds faeces (like in sea bird colony (5)

  2. Staying still in mid air (8)

  3. A very young bird (9)

  4. The seasonal movement of birds (9)

  5. Random foraging for insects & or seeds on ground by birds (8)


Name the group of these birds:

[Numbers in brackets = Number of letters in each world]

  1. A group of chickens (4)

  2. A group of larks (10)

  3. A group of owls (10)

  4. A group of ravens (6)

  5. A group of geese (6)

  6. This bird is known for its mimicry.

  7. These birds have long toes which enable them to walk on floating vegetation.

  8. This bird has longest wingspan about 11 feet.

  9. This bird has long, thin, upcurved bills giving their scientific name Recurvirostra.

  10. This bird uses its sharply pointed bill to spear its prey when they dive.

  11. This bird belonging to the crow family resembles the House Crow and has a red beak.


Answers to Bird Quiz 3



  1. Guano   2. Hovering    3. Fledgling    4. Migration    5. Gleaning


Name a group of these birds:

  1. Peep  2. Exaltation 3. Parliament   4. Murder    5. Gaggle




Amazing bird facts..!!

  1. Ducks on the outer edge of the group sleep with one eye open. Those in the center of the group feel protected and close their eyes!!!

  2. The first bird domesticated by man was the goose.

  3. Roosters can’t crow if they can’t fully extend their necks.

  4. The House crow is found throughout the world and lives everywhere but deserts and mountain tops.