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Ph.D. Thesis available in BNHS library


Sr. No Author Year Title Category
1 Vibhu Prakash NA The general ecology of raptors (families accipitridae, strigidae, class aves) in Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur. Location specific
2 Goutam Narayan NA Ecology, distribution and conservation of the Bengal florican (Houbaropsis bengalensis) [Gmelin] in India. Ecology
3 R Salley NA The range, status and winter ecology of the siberian crane (Gus Leucogenanus).  USA Ecology
4 SM Satheesan NA The ecology and behaviour of the Pariah Kite Milvus Migrans govinda sykes as a problem bird at some Indian Aerodromes Behaviour
5 T Sundaramoorthy NA Ecology of terrestrial birds in Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur. Location specific
6 Shahid Ali NA Ecology and behaviour of the Grey francolin francolinus pondicerianus pondicerianus [Gmelin]. Behaviour
7 Bharat Bhushan NA Ornithology of the Eastern Ghats Location specific
8 Vivek Menon NA A short-term study on some aspects of the biology of brahminy kite Haliastur indus (Boddaert) at the Point Calimere Wildlife and birds sanctuary.  Bombay Location specific
9 Raghavaiah, P.S. NA Wetland Birds of Pulicat Lake, India: Saesonal Patterns And Habitat Preferences Location specific
10 Vijaykumar C Ambedkar 1961 The ecology and breeding biology of the Indian weaver birds with special reference to the baya weaver bird.  (Ploceus Philippinus) (Linn). Breeding biology
11 Sen Gupta, Sudhindranath 1965 Some aspects of the life of the Myna, Acridotheres Tristis Tristis (Linnaeus) Behaviour
12 Kannan P 1966 Ornitholophily :a preliminery study of the reciprocal association between flower birds and bird flower as observed in and around Bombay. Feeding biology
13 A.C. Kemp 1973 A study of the ecology, behaviour and systematics of Tockus Hornbills ( Aves  Bucerotidae ) Behaviour
14 K N Parmeswara Panikar 1974 A study of ecology of hole nesting birds.   Breeding biology
15 Robert B Grubh 1974 The birds of Gir Forest (the ecology and behaviour of vultures in Gir forest). Location specific
16 Mohammed Ali Reza Khan 1977 Ecological problems relating to birds ecology and behaviour of the black and orange flycatcher Muscicapa Nigrorufa (Jerdon) Behaviour
17 V J Zacharias 1978 Ecology and biology by certain species of Indian Babblers (Turdoides spp ) in Malabar Location specific
18 Priyadarshini Davidar 1979 Synecological studies on specialised nectar feeding birds and bird flowers in the Nilgiris Location specific
19 Haziz Shaeque Ahmed Yahya 1980 A comparative study of ecology and biology of barbets, megalaima spp (capitomidae piciformes) with special reference to megalaima viridis (Boddaert) and Megalaima Rubricapilla Malabarica (Blyth) at the Periyar tiger reserve, Kerala Location specific
20 Ranjit Singh 1982 Ecology and behaviour of the Indian blackbuck (Antilope cervicapra) with special reference to the Velavadar National Park, Saurashtra , India Location specific
21 V Nagulu 1983 Feeding and breeding biology of grey pelican at Nelapattu bird sanctuary in Andhra Pradesh, India Combined
22 S Faizi 1984 A population study of the avifauna of Adayar estuary Madras. Location specific
23 S Bhupathy 1985 Ecology of purple moorhens porphyric poliocephlaus (Latham) from Jan. to Mar. 1985 in Keoladeo National Park  Bharatpur. Location specific
24 S Jayaraman 1985 Wintering ecology of coots fulica atra atra (Linn.) from Jan. to Mar. 1985 in Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur (Rajasthan). Location specific
25 Ranjit Manakadan 1985 The ecology of the great Indian bustard, Cloriotis Nigriceps (Vigors) habit. Ecology
26 Anwarul Islam 1985 Ecology of the laughing thrushes of India with special reference to the endemic species. Ecology
27 Bharat Bhutan 1985 The food and feeding behaviour of the Great Indian Bustard choriotis Nigriceps (Vigors) Class aves Otididae. Feeding biology
28 Tara Gandhi 1986 A comparative study of birds in monoculture plantations and natural scrub near Madras Location specific
29 U Sridharan 1989 Comparative ecology of resident ducks in Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur, Rajasthan Location specific
30 Madhusudan V Katti 1989 Bird communities of lower Dachigam valley, Kashmir Location specific
31 V Natarajan 1990 The ecology of the Southern crow pheasant centropus sinensis parroti stresemann (Aves  cuculidae) at Point Calimere, Tamil Nadu. Location specific
32 S Alagar Rajan 1990 The ecology of the Indian Ring Dove streptopelia decaocto decaocto (Frivaldszky) and the Indian spotted dove streptopelia chinensis suratensis [Gmelin] at Point Calimere Widlife Sancturary, Tamil Nadu.  Thesis submitted to the University of Bombay fo Location specific
33 S Balachandran 1990 Studies on the coastal birds of Mandapam and the neighbouring islands (Peninsular India). Location specific
34 Ravi Sankaran 1991 Some aspects of the breeding behaviour of the lesser florican sypheotides indica (JF Miller) and the Bengal florican Houbaropsis bengalensis [Gmelin]. Breeding biology
35 Gurmit Singh 1992 The ecology of the bank myna acridotheres ginginianus (Latham) in an urban environment.  T Ecology
36 Khan, Salim Ahmed 1992 Ecological Studies on Grus antigone Sarus Crane with Special Reference to his Breeding Behaviour Breeding biology
37 NK Ramchandran 1993 Comparative ecology of the pheasant tailed and bronzewinged Jacanas in Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur, Rajasthan.; Location specific
38 Raghupathy Kannan 1994 Ecology and conservation of the great pied hornbill (buceros bicornis) in the Western Ghats of Southern India Location specific
39 Suhel Quader 1995 The Grey tit (Parus major caschmerensis) in Northern India  behaviour and ecology in the non-breeding season. Behaviour
40 V Santharam 1995 Ecology of Sympatric Woodpecker Species of Western Ghats, India. Thesis submitted for the award of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Pondicherry Location specific
41 Shahla Yasmin 1995 Ecology and Biology of the Indian Peafowl, Pavo Cristatus in the Aligarh Region. Thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Wildlife Science.  Aligarh Location specific
42 Salim Javed 1996 Study on bird community structure of Terai forest in Dudwa National Park. Location specific
43 S Alagar Rajan 1996 The Avifauna of the Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest of Point Calimere Wildlife Sanctuary, Tamil Nadu. Location specific
44 Madhusudan V. Katti 1997 Ecology and evolution of non breeding distributions in the old world leaf warblers Combined
45 Subhash Mali 1998 Plant chemical profiles and its Influence on food selection in Malabar Giant Squirrel Ratufa indica Behaviour
46 Prakash Rao 1998 The bird communities of the tropical dry evergreen forests of Sriharikota. Location specific
47 Stuart Butcher 1998 Sexual conflicts and polyandry in bronze winged jacanas Breeding biology
48 Syed Asad Akhtar 1998 Wintering ecology of the harriers of Velavadar National Park , Bharatpur  ,Gujarat. Location specific
49 Farah Ishtiaq 1998 Comparative ecology and behaviour of storks in Keoladeo National Park, Rajasthan, India. Summary of a thesis submitted for the degree of Ph.D. in Wildlife Science, Location specific
50 Rathaur, S. R. 1998 Breeding Ecology and Behaviour of Common PeaFowl Pavo Cristatus Combined
51 Bhuva VJ 1999 Feeding Ecology of Some Wading Birds in the Gulf of Kachchh. Feeding biology
52 Khan Fareeda 1999 Avian Guano as Bio-Indicator of heavy metal contamination of environment Birds as bio-indicators
53 Verma  Ashok 2002 Wintering Ecology Of Marsh Harrier Ecology
54 Maheswaran, B. 2002 Habitat Utilisation by Malabar Grey Hornbill at Madumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, Western Ghats. Behaviour
55 Hossain,Tofazzal 2002 Ecology and Breeding Biology of the Bank Myna, Acridotheres Ginginianus(Latham) Breeding biology
56 Jeganathan, P. 2006 Ecology of the Jerdon's Courser Ecology
57 Jathar Girish A 2006 Ecology And Behaviour of the Forest Owlet Combined
58 Shah, Sunny 2007 To Study the Present Status of the Vultures Around Pune City Location specific
59 Vinod, Uma J. 2007 Status and Ecology of the NIlgiri Pipit in the Western Ghats Location specific
60 Balakrishnan P. 2007 Status, Distribution And Ecology of the Grey- Headed Bulbul Pycnonotus Priocephalus in the Western Ghats, India Location specific
61 Pimplapure, Anil Bhalchandra 2008 Study of Breeding behaviour of Indian Grey Hornbill, OCYCEROS BIROSTRIS( SCOPOLI) in Nagpur City of Mahartashtra Breeding biology
62 Sathiyaselvam, P. 2008 Habitat evaluation of Chilika Lake( orisa) with special reference to birds as bio- indicators Location specific
63 Kasambe, Raju M. 2009 Ecology and breeding nehaviour of Indian Grey Hornbill Ocyceros birostris in Central India Breeding biology
64 David, Patrick J. 2010 Frugivory By Birds And Mammals in Sriharikota Island, Southern India Feeding biology
65 Bhargava, Rajat 2012 Live Bird Trade in India Bird trade
66 Vivek, R 2013 Effect of habitat alteration on canopy bird and small mammal communities in the wet evergreen forests of the  Wetern Ghats Location specific


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