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List of Buceros issues


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Volume & Issue No.









Ø  Inaugural Issue



2 (1)


Ø  Are Common Bird Name Changes Necessary?

Ø  Early books on birds available with the BNHS library

Ø  Ramsar Sites



2 (2)


Ø  Allan Octavian Hume special

Ø  Book Review

Ø  Ramsar Sites



2 (3)


Ø Ramsar Sites



2 (4)


Ø Common Name Changes of the Birds of the Indian Subcontinent



3 (1)


Ø Vernacular Names of the Birds of the Indian Subcontinent



3 (2)


Ø Standardized English Names of the Birds of the Indian Subcontinet - A proposal



3 (3)


Ø Bibliography of papers on Wetlands from the Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society (Volumes 1-40)


4 (1)


Ø  Point Calimere Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary



4 (2)


Ø  The History of Indian Ornithology

Ø  Bird Study in India: Its History and its Importance

Ø  Field ornithology in independent India



4 (3)


Ø Wetlands of Tamil Nadu



5 (1)


Ø Bibliography of papers on Wetlands from JBNHS (volumes 41-70)



5 (2)


Ø Bibliography of papers on Wetlands from JBNHS (volumes 71-95)



5 (3)


ØThe U.S. fish and wildlife service- BNHS partnership for wildlife research & conservation in India – Introduction

ØBNHS-USFWS Research Projects

ØStudies on the Movement and population structure of Indian avifauna (1980 - 1986)

ØBird Migration Project (1986 -1991)

ØBird Banding Training Project (1997-2001)

ØKeoladeo National Park Ecology Study (1980-1990)

ØStudy of the Ecology of certain endangered species of wildlife and their habitats: Great Indian Bustard (1981-1987)

ØStudy of the ecology of certain endangered species of wildlife and their habitats: Lesser Florican and Bengal Florican (1984 - 1989)

ØStudy of the ecology of certain endangered species of wildlife and their habitats: Jerdon's Courser and Mountain Quail (1985 - 1989)

ØA Study on the ecology of grasslands of the India Plains with particular reference to their endangered fauna (1991 - 1995)

ØEcology and Behaviour of resident raptors with special reference to endangered species (1990 - 1994)

ØWintering Ecology of raptors in areas of unusual concentration (1996 - 1999)

ØEcology of rare raptors (1997 - 2001)

ØStudies on the effect of environmental contamination on raptors with special reference to Shaheen Falco peregrinus peregrinator (1997 - 1999)

ØEcology of Point CalimereWildlife Sanctuary (An Endangered Ecosystem) : 1986 – 1991

ØEcology of Hill streams of the Western Ghats with special reference to fish community (1996 - 1999)

ØStudy of the ecology of certain endangered species of wildlife and their habitats: The Asian Elephant (1993 - 1992)

ØEcology of the shola and alpine grasslands of India with special reference to their endangered fauna (2000 - 2003)



6 (1)


Ø Standardized common and scientific names of the birds of the Indian subcontinent



6 (2)


Ø The Important Bird Areas programme in India



6 (3)


Ø Summaries of Ph.D theses on birds



7 (1 & 2)


Ø Threatened Birds of India



7 (3)


Ø A BNHS review of the Avifaunal list of the Wildlife (protection) Act, 1972



8 (1)


Ø Checklist of Indian Waterbirds



8 (2 & 3)


Ø Annotated checklist of the Birds of Western Maharashtra



9 (1)


Ø Report of the International South Asian Vulture Recovery Plan Workshop



9 (2)


Ø A dictionary of scientific bird names originating from the Indian region



9 (3)


Ø A Bibliography of Anatidae of South Asia



10 (1)


Ø Annotated avifauna of the Upper Nilgiris, Western Ghats, Tamil Nadu, India



10 (2 & 3)


Ø Bibliography of the birds of South India



11 (1)


Ø Bibliography of the birds of North India



11 (2 & 3)


Ø Endemic birds of India



12 (1)


Ø  National News

a)Bird spotted after 140 years           

b) Migrant watch

Ø  International News

a) Trawling threats to Albatross

b) Europe's disappearing farmland birds

Ø  Sewri - Mumbai's Ruby by Rushikesh Chavan

Grassland Hues by Sutirtha Dutta

Ø  Threatened Birds Forum - Threatened Birds of India

Species Fact sheet: Critically Endangered: Pink-headed Duck Rhodonessa caryophyllacea

Ø Bird Quiz



12 (2)


Ø National News

     a) Feathered friends                               

     b) Courser's habitat under threat again

Ø International News

     a) Globally threatened birds pay for their sex                                                                    

  b) Lapwing finds some friends                                             

  c)  Asian rare bird first to benefit from world's largest bird conservation programme                           

  d) Bird Conservation success stories

Ø Birds of a feather can't flock together' Bird - Aircraft Hits by Sumit Dookia

Ø Species Fact sheet: Critically Endangered: Himalayan Quail Ophrysia superciliosa

Ø Bird Quiz



12 (3)


Ø National News

    a) Safety nets to arrest bird freefall

    b) No entry in Nalabana bird sanctuary

Ø International News –

a) Government of Cambodia declares Sarus Crane Reserve

b) Two men charges with Cyprus Falcon massacre

Ø Shore Birds ( Waders) of the Mumbai Region by Suvrashis Sarkar

Ø The New Odyssey Revisited by Dr. Girish Jathar

Ø Species Fact sheet: Critically Endangered: The Forest Owlet Heteroglaux blewitti

Ø Bird Quiz      



13 (1)


Ø National News

a)  78 threatened bird species in India

Ø International News

 a) Tata withdraws Natron Project ESIA report                                                  b) Ornithologists announce discovery of new bird species

c) Conservation of Raptors and Falconry by Shivani Jadeja

Ø Species Fact sheet: Critically Endangered: The Bengal Florican Houbaropsis bengalensis

Ø Abstracts




13 (2)


Ø National News

a) Mystery killer strikes Peafowl       

b) Spurt in Peafowl deaths worries conservationists

 c) Migratory birds in  Kashmir hit by freezing conditions

Ø International News

a) Local increase in vultures thanks to Diclofenac campaign in Nepal                       

b) Taxonomic challenge for researchers: long held assumptions of flightless bird evolution challenged by new research                                                                      

 c) Birds move farther north; climate change link considered                                                                              

  d) New bird species discovered in Gabon, Africa     

 e) Birds' harmonius duets can be 'aggressive audio warfare'

Ø Red-wattled Lapwing in Agriculture landscape

Ø Advanced tools and techniques in ornithology

Ø Abstracts



13 (3)


Ø National News

 a)Transmitters to unravel avian migration mystery                                                                    

b) Indian vulture centres get machines to detect diclofenac                                                                                   

 c) Poachers using kids to hunt birds in Orissa's Chilika Lake                                                                                 

d) Traditional farming methods in India to protect birds                                                                                               

e) Majestic Lesser Flamingos survive in contaminated Indian waters

Ø International News

 a) A new species of babbler discovered in China                                                               

b) Great Bustards breed in UK for the first time in 175 years                                                                                     

c) DNA confirms fastest evolving birds                          

 d) Disappearance of pine trees in Spain's Cantabrian mountains threatens the bird Cantabrian Capercaillie

Ø Tools and Techniques: Radio telemetry: An essential tool in bird migration studies

Ø Abstracts



14 (1)


Ø National News

 a) Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary may lose UNESCO recognition

 b) Pipeline plan to bring water, new life to Keoladeo National Park                                                                          

 c) By how much?                                                                     

 d) More protected land needed for Great Indian Bustard                                                                                       

 e) Delayed monsoon dries up Nal Sarovar turning it into a Poachers' Paradise

Ø International News –

a) Wader populations decline faster than ever                                                                        

 b) Bird Migration: Toxic Molecule May Help Birds 'See' North and South                                                             

c) Extinct seabird rediscovered in laboratory

Ø Indian Bird Conservation Network (IBCN): A foundation for the conseration of Indian birds through a network of partners and collaborators

Ø  Abstracts






14 (2)


Ø Organizational News

 a) Impact of Climate change on the conservation of birds                                              

 b) BNHS Bird Migration Study Centre at Point Calimere, Tamil Nadu                                                            

c) Migratory Movement of Waterbirds through Uttar Pradesh and the Surveillance of Avian diseases

Ø National News

 a) Recovery programme for Great Indian Bustard                                                                          

b) Back on menu: bird nest soup                                        

c) Second blow for Asian vultures

Ø International News

 a) Wars on terror drives away migratory birds                                                                           

b) Birds and climate change: indicators of a changing world

Ø Impact of climate change and habitat degradation on the avifauna by B. Venkataramani, V. Kamala & Prabhadevi. V.

Ø Abstracts



14 (3)


Ø ENVIS News : Bustard Forum

Ø Organizational News

a) First world House Sparrow Day celebrated                                                                                 b) Flamingo Festival

Ø National News

 a) A rooftop hospital for injured birds of prey                                                                               

b) Man-made nest experiment successful

Ø International News

 a) Bangladesh to track migratory birds by satellite                                                

 b) Sea-birds movement pattern tied to what fishermen toss away

Ø Thol - a bird paradise of Gujarat by Girish Jathar and Dhaivat Hathi

Ø Abstracts



15 (1)


Ø ENVIS Centre activities

- eBird - a realtime, online checklist program

Ø Organizational News

a)  A house for the friendly House Sparrow

Ø National News

a) State scheme to save Green Munias in Mt. Abu                                                                  

b) Eleven percent migratory birds under threat: BNHS                                                                                             

c) Threatened bird species in India rise to 156

Ø International News

 a) Farmers find flooded fields can help birds, crops                                                             

b) Even small patches of urban woods are valuable for migratory birds                                                               

 c) Will birds and wind farms compete?

Ø Birds of Thakurli Creek by Divya Varier

Ø Abstracts



15 (2 & 3)


Ø ENVIS Centre on Avian Ecology 15 years of establishment (Special Issue)






16 (1)


Ø Organizational News

a) Public participation in bird ringing training workshop organized by the BNHS at Singhgad Valley, Pune


a) Workshop on Conservation of Great Indian Bustard through involvement of local people

Ø International News

a) Local Forest logging stopped - Mutulanganga IBA in Zambia

Ø National News

a) Villagers check fall in Adjutant Stork population


16 (2)


Ø Organizational News

 a) BNHS launches revised field guide of Dr. Salim Ali & S. Dillon Ripley  

 b)Conservation loses two of its strongest pillars of support

Ø National News

a) Supreme court clears denotification of Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary

Ø International News

a) Farmland birds in Europer fall to lowest levels

Ø A breeding site of Asian Openbill Anastomus oscitans  in Adina Protected Forest, Malda district, West Bengal by Arunayan Sharma

Ø Birds losing battle - a case of Uran wetlands, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra by Suvrashish Sarkar



16 (3)



 a) First database-derived data paper published in Zookeys through ENVIS Centre, BNHS

b)Participation of ENVIS staff in 2nd Global Bird Watchers' Conference 2012

Ø Organizational News

a) The Book of Indian Birds is now available in Hindi                                    b) Online survey to record decline in sparrow population                            c) SAVE for law to keep vulture-killer at bay

Ø National News

a) Artificial beaks to save hornbills from extinction                                        b) Anand Agricultural University begins genetic studies on flamingos

Ø International News

a) Climate Change Bird Atlas 

b) Tiny songbird Northern Wheater traverses the world                                                                                             

  c) Overfishing threatens the survival of seabirds

Ø Photofeature: Winged beauties of Hingolgadh Nature Education Sanctuary, Gujarat - A Photofeature



17 (1)


Ø An introduction to the book on "Threatened Birds of India"



17 (2)


Ø Special Issue for COP-11:  Data discovery and information disseminaion service of the Environmental Information System (ENVIS) Centre on Avian Ecology at BNHS, India




17 (3)


Ø Special Issue on Participation of ENVIS Centre in COP-11



18 (1 & 2)


Review of existing global guidelines, Policies and methodologies for the study of impact of windmills on birds and bats: requirements in India



18 (3)


Ø ENVIS News - 

a) Flamingo Festival 2014

Ø Organizational News –

a) Vulture Safe Zone to come up in Bundelkhand

Ø National News –

a) Action for Amur Falcons brings hope for an end to hunting in Nagaland

Ø International News –

a) Important Bird & Biodiversity Areas goes mobile   

b) Do birdwatchers playback hurt fowl?

Ø Photofeature: Bird survey in Lengteng Wildlife Sanctury and Phawngpui (Blue Mountain) National Park, Mizoram- Dr. Raju Kasambe

Ø Abstracts



19 (1)


Ø Organizational News –

a) Eagles facing threat from diclofenac                                                       b)Vultures to be tracked with transmitters in Maharashtra

Ø National News –

a) Neutering dogs to help bustards breed in peace

Ø International News –

a) Electrical devices 'distuirb bird navigation'   

b) Threat toeagles as deadly drug is licensed

Ø Article: Species on the EDGE- Neha Sinha

Ø Abstracts



19 (2)


Ø ENVIS News - 

a) ENVIS participation in Student Conference on Conservation Science

Ø Organizational News –

a) Perched on the precipice: India's vultures threatened by EU sale of killer drug

b)Migratory birds start arriving at Kodiakarai Sanctury

Ø National News –

a) Two satellite-tagged Amur Falcons return to Nagaland         b)Early winter surprise at Okhla Bird Sanctury

c) 12 lakh migratory birds flock to Kashmir Valley

Ø International News - New data about endangered Marsh Harrier distribution inEurope

Ø Article: Birds of Darewadi Learning Center and Watershed- Dr. Girish Jathar

Ø Abstracts